Apple Yoghurt Granola Bowl

This breakfast is effortless and hassle free but looks so pretty. Who knew yoghurt could be so photogenic.


1 cup Greek yoghurt

Slice of apple – whole

Sprinkle of granola

Drizzle of honey

1 tablespoon desiccated coconut

4 slices of kiwi


Greek Yoghurt Bowl

A lovely light breakfast idea to get the day started. Thick Greek yoghurt, with a sprinkle of granola topped with fresh strawberries and a slice of zingy lime for squeezing over. I’ve been trying to add more plant based foods to meals and I like a sprig of mint for added flavour.


1 cup fat free Greek yoghurt

3 strawberries

1 sprinkle of granola

Slice of lime

Sprig of mint

Passion Fruit and Honey Yoghurt Bowl

Such a delicious alternative to bread for breakfast when you want to keep things a little on the lighter side. Tropical passion fruit, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of crunchy granola. It feels like a holiday in a bowl. Hope you haven’t used all your passion fruits in your porn star martini’s!


Cup of fat free Greek yoghurt

Drizzle of honey

2 tablespoons granola of choice

1 passion fruit


Pour your yoghurt into a bowl

Drizzle over your honey, sprinkle on your granola and finally cut your passion fruit in half and spoon over the seeds.

Honey and Passion Fruit Yogurt Pots

A quick and simple breakfast that’s full of goodness and deliciousness. Reminds me of a holiday breakfast. This can’t really be called a recipe merely a suggestion for something a bit different.

A lovely Summer breakfast alternative from the usual toast or cereal.

Serves 2


1 tub of low fat natural yogurt 500g – ( I used about 3/4 tub for 2)

2 tablespoons honey

Cup of granola

1 passion fruit


Simply squeeze or drizzle your honey into the bottom of a medium sized glass.

Now add your layer of yogurt.

Now add a layer of granola.

Add another layer of yogurt, then another layer of granola.

Top with half a passion fruit and when you’re ready to eat squeeze over.

Fact: Passion fruit are extremely nutritious. Full of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C and vitamin A.

Cinnamon Pancakes

Who doesn’t love a pancake? We went on a family holiday to Tunisia years ago and they had a beach front pancake hut on the hotel grounds. My Dad ate so many every day that my Mum banned him from going into there half way through the holiday!

When we are allowed Dad, I will make you a huge stack and we won’t tell Mum! My Mum used to pretend it wasn’t pancake day when we were little as she dreaded standing over a hot stove for hours while we all had a pancake eating contest. How cruel ha ha. That’s almost as mean as saying when you hear the ice cream man’s tune that means he’s run out of ice cream.

I’m sure she’d give anything to have as all lined up at the moment waiting for pancakes.

These ones are the thicker and fluffier American type. We love them with lemon and sugar, smothered in maple syrup, a dollop of vanilla ice cream and sometimes crispy bacon.

What do you add to yours?

Makes 2 large pancakes or 4 small ones ( Just double up recipe for more)


1 egg

150ml milk – I use semi skimmed

1 teaspoons cinnamon

110g plain flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

Knob of butter to coat the pan


Add all the ingredients to your mixing bowl except the butter and whisk until smooth. Don’t over whisk.

You don’t need to rest your batter mix but if you do it will result in lighter, fluffier pancakes.

Heat a large frying pan, add your butter and when it starts to sizzle add a ladle full of your pancake batter mix. When it starts to bubble slide your pan slice underneath and flip. Heat this side for a moment or two until it looks light and fluffy and serve.

Tip: Serve with whatever takes your fancy but these work so well with lemon, sugar, maple syrup and ice cream. For a weekend treat top all of that with crispy bacon.

Berry and Walnut Energy Bars

Weaning myself off the Christmas chocolate! Think my body will go into shock if I suddenly withdraw it completely. These energy bars are full of healthy fats, crunchy nuts, fruity berry goodness and just the tiniest bit of dark chocolate.

Great as an on the go breakfast or a post work out snack.


100g butter

200g porridge oats

50g walnuts

3 tablespoons honey

100g light soft brown sugar

50g blueberries

50g cranberries

50g dark chocolate – snapped into small pieces


Pre heat oven to 170C / 150C fan

Grease and line your baking tin. I use a 28 x 19cm tin.

Mix to combine your oats, walnuts, berries and chocolate.

Warm your butter, honey and sugar in a pan over a low heat, stirring until fully melted.

Add the oat, nut, berry and chocolate mix, making sure all the ingredients are coated in the buttery liquid.

Transfer to your baking tin, press down to flatten and bake in the centre of the oven for 25 minutes.

Allow to cool but while still slightly warm transfer to a work surface and cut into 12 portions.

Eat one and feel gloriously full of energy.

Breakfast Bowl

This is such a healthy breakfast to start the week off. Packed full of vitamins and minerals. I literally spoon the yoghurt into the bowl, add the chopped kiwi, scatter on some berries for a superfood boost and shake on a bit of granola and desiccated coconut. It feels like a treat but it’s so good for you. Love this for a post work out brunch too.

Mushroom And Cream Cheese Omelette

It’s such a worry for Mum’s, thinking about what our teens are going to eat when they’re at Uni. That’s why I’ve added a section on the blog for ‘Uni Cooking’. This section is especially for students who need to cook something quick, easy, nutritious but also cost effective.

I’ll be adding to this section over time so don’t forget to check back for new recipes.

The simple omelette. Perfect as a brunch, post work-out fuel or a light evening meal accompanied with a fresh salad or that Uni favourite baked beans. You can vary it up in endless ways, mature cheddar and onion, ham and tomato, peppers onion and potato for a Spanish twist.

I like mushroom, cream cheese, a few ripe mini tomatoes on the vine with some basil and lots of salt and cracked black pepper.

Serves 1


3 large free range eggs

Knob of butter

2 tablespoons cream cheese

4 mushrooms of choice – sliced

Salt and cracked black pepper

Optional – herbs of choice and a few tomatoes


Crack your eggs into a large mixing bowl and whisk them up. Add a grind of salt and cracked black pepper.

Now heat your butter in a small frying pan and swirl about so the butter coats the surface of the pan fully.

Add your sliced mushrooms and pan fry for a minute or two.

Add your whisked egg mixture and allow to bubble in the pan until almost firm. Once the mix is no longer runny quickly add your cream cheese and flip in half with a pan slice.

Once it looks lightly golden you’re done! Quick as anything with at least one of your five a day to keep Mum happy.

Serve with whatever takes your fancy.

Yoghurt with Berries and Granola

When I’m in a rush yoghurt with fresh berries or greek yoghurt with a sprinkle of granola and a drizzle of honey is so quick and easy and a great alternative to bread.

It’s great for post-workout, for the kids when you’re in a rush before the school run or even as something sweet and healthy after a light meal. Best of all the combinations of yoghurts and fruits are endless.

Fact: Yoghurt provides almost every nutrient your body needs. It’s high in calcium and B vitamins. Great for bones, teeth and digestion.