Raspberry and Pistachio Amaretto Trifles

I love making trifles. There’s something so 50’s housewife about it. They’re versatile so you can make as many delightful varieties until your hearts content. Mia loves them so I’m always experimenting with different flavours and this raspberry, pistachio and Amaretto one is a delight.

Of course you could faff about making your own custard and jelly but why bother when this quick and easy version tastes as good. I hope you like it.

Makes 4


4 teaspoons Amaretto

Sachet of raspberry jelly

Punnet of raspberries

Half a madeira cake

Large carton of custard

270ml whipping cream

Pistachios to decorate


Divide your raspberries between your glasses.

Make up your jelly mix according to instructions in a jug and pour over and divide between your four glasses.

Allow to set in the fridge for a couple of yours or so.

When the jelly is set pour over an inch or two of custard into each glass.

Cube up your madeira cake and divide evenly between the glasses. I used about four cubes each.

Now pour over a teaspoon of Amaretto each over the sponge pieces.

Whip up your cream so it is not too thick but still holds it shape. Divide over the four glasses and top with pistachios.


Tip: If Amaretto is not your thing use sherry or orange juice instead.