Easy Slow Cooker Beef Stew

If you are looking for proper comfort food, then look no further. This is my take on my Mum’s stew recipe but for ease I do mine in the slow cooker. It is full of rich flavour and packed full of carrots, parsnips, lentils and butterbeans and one delicious mouthful takes me right back to my childhood.

I like to serve it with creamy mashed potato, dumplings and a big hunk of bread and butter just to maximise the carb fest! Definitely worth a few extra laps around the park.

Serves 4


600g beef stewing steak

1 cup of red lentils

x2 beef Oxo cubes and approx 1 litre of water for stock

2 tablespoons olive oil

Dessert spoon Bovril

Dessert spoon cranberry sauce

1 medium onion – cut into chunks

1 large parsnip – cut into chunks

4 large carrots – cut into chunks

1 leek – sliced

50ml red wine

1 tin of butterbeans

2 dessert spoons Worcester Sauce

Table spoon tomato purée

Can of scotch broth soup ( fling this in at the end)

Salt and cracked black pepper to season

Dumpling mix (optional)


Start by pan frying your chopped onion and browning your beef steak (whole) in a large pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Once this is lightly browned add to your slow cooker on top of your chopped veg with all your other ingredients except your butterbeans, can of soup and dumplings.

You need to put your slow cooker on a low setting for approximately 8 hours.

About an hour before the end of cooking time I add the butterbeans and a can of scotch broth soup. At this stage you can also throw your dumplings in. You can of course make your own but it’s so easy to buy a dumpling mix and fling them in towards the end of cooking time.

I keep checking the beef towards the end of cooking time and whenever it falls apart the stew is ready. If I stipulate one thing it is that the beef must without fail fall apart easily when you are ready to serve it.

How simple is that?!

Tip: If you feel you want to thicken the stew slightly then feel free to ladle out a little of the stock to your liking and add about an eggcup full of the stock back in, mixed with a teaspoon or two of cornflour before adding to the stew and mixing to combine.