Passion Fruit and Raspberry Ice Cream Sauce

Who fancies an ice cream? Passion fruit is such a gorgeous fruit. My Mum gave me some and I thought they would be perfect served with ice cream and a raspberry coulis. I wasn’t wrong.

It was utterly divine and I can’t wait to stock up on them to make this for everyone again. Thank you to my lovely Mia for being the resident hand model. We eat this while listening to Drake!

Serves 4


Few scoops each of good vanilla ice cream

120g fresh raspberries

4 passion fruit

1/2 tablespoon icing sugar


Pop a raspberry in the bottom of a cocktail glass and squeeze over half a passion fruit.

In a separate bowl blend the rest of your raspberries with the icing sugar until smooth.

Pour over a teaspoon or two of raspberry coulis. Top up with ice cream and pour over the rest of the coulis evenly.

Serve with half a passion fruit to squeeze over.